Claudia Christian

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Amazing and fun episode as Steven (@Geek_Apocalypse) and Ricky (@vividricky) are joined by Claudia Christian!! (@claudialives).We talk about Babylon 5, how she got the role,her acting career in general, plus her guest appearances in shows like castle and Quantam Leap! We also talk her decision to move to the uk, becoming a writer, her book Wolfs Empire, voice acting for World of Warcraft/ Call of Duty and her C3 Foundation which uses the Sinclair method to treat alcoholism.Fascinating to hear about! Also, Steven puts his foot in his mouth when complaining that a geordie was misrepresented on Castle, with hilarious consequences! Its amazing this was only an hour, shes super nice and interesting!

For more info about Claudias foundation, go to and on how they can potentially help you for free!!